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CAREER READINESS STANDARDS Prior to completing your Individual Transition Plan ITP it is important to note that there are Career Readiness Standards you will be expected to meet. Individual Transition Plan Full Name Rank Anticipated Separation Date Unit List your top 3 Military Occupation Code s and Title s TRANSITION PLANNING OVERVIEW The key to a successful transition is planning which requires a carefully thought out education and technical training objectives and can help you make a...
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This module will walk you through the process and purpose of filling out and maintaining your individual transition plan which will be referred to from this point as ITP please print the core ITP before beginning the module you will fill out the ITP with your personal information you are required to show a copy of your prefilled ITP upon arriving to the GPS seminar the ITP is a living document that will allow you to document your plan for transitioning out of the Marine Corps into the civilian sector the key to a successful transition is planning which requires a carefully thought-out ITP the ITP coincides with the transition gps goals plans success outcome based curriculum and provides a means to discover and explore your skills and interests which may lead to potential post-transition career paths the ITP helps you identify critical activities associated with your transition and your transition counselor will assist you through the process of organizing your transition into manageable skills your pathway supplemental ITP will allow you to jot down all the information that is specific to your needs to be successful in your chosen field please fill out the top of page one with your full name anticipated EAS ranked unit data schedule GPS seminar this your three top military occupational codes the ITP help you to establish a timeline for completing all required activities prior to separation it is a living document and can be modified at any time it is a roadmap for obtaining your employment education technical training and entrepreneurial objectives and can help you make a successful transition to civilian life page 2 of the ITP identifies the requirements that each pathway will meet upon your completion of the transition and gps seminar once you have identified which career path you will choose for the week of the transition gps seminar you will be required to meet the minimum standards of that pathway this section of the ITP should be discussed with all family members who will be affected by the move pages three through five helps you to analyze your family's transitional needs in areas such as housing locality medical expenses and possible resources please take some time to go over pages three through five and identify your family transitional needs just like a deployment it is necessary to understand the impact of your family doing your time of transition not only will you be changing careers but your family will also be changing careers and lifestyle there are several websites that will help you research some possible options for housing and VA benefits please take time to visit the identified websites to familiarize yourself with these services as the websites will be addressed again during the transition GPS seminar this section of the ITP will require some research on your part in order to be successful in your planning you need to identify the tools that you already have in your toolbox you will be asked to pull out your V met...